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Drive faster, further, and longer in minutes with our 48V 120ah Lithium Rhino conversion kit!  Our 120ah delivers 6144Kw of power and an extended drive range OF 10 miles beyond our 105ah on a single charge.  Fits with no modification in most Yamahas, Icons, EZ-GO TXT and more.  Fits Club Car Precedent with minor battery tray modification. (Does not fit in Club Car DS or EzGo RXV) Please check your cart is eligible before ordering.

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David Gordon, Pheonix AZ

2009 YAMAHA G29

"Everything in the kit is well packed and is good quality equipment...I am VERY HAPPY with Lithium Rhino, I have all the power I need and can drive MUCH more distance than before!"

Push play to see the full youtube video with unboxing, installation tips, and Dave's honest feedback...

"It's time to ditch the lead-acids once and for all. Grab yourself a Lithium Rhino and never buy another battery."

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Includes everything you need to convert to high performing lithium that outlasts all others with a 6000+ charge cycle life and robust 8 year warranty.  No more water fills and decreasing performance- just zero maintenance, massive drive range, and 4 hour super fast charging speed with our strongest in class 25-amp smart charger that turns off automatically when fully charged.

See what local golf cart experts are saying about Lithium Rhino!

Customer Reviews

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Rich Weber
120ah 48volt

This company and battery are awesome. I have done a ton of research and investigations on a bunch of companies. Spoke to the owner of this company and absolutely love this service and the product. I have used it in my club car. I’m a seasonal had a very hilly campground. This battery is amazing.

Ken Schramm
Successful Icon Conversion

I have owned a 2022 Icon i20 since new and starting my third year, the lead acid batteries were failing and I was struggling to get a full round of golf out of a charge. I started to research lithium conversions, I joined a number of Facebook groups and asked countless questions of both vendors and manufacturers. I typically over research but I am always confident in my final decisions.

There was no doubt that the Lithium conversion was going to be the way to go, but which brand? A few technical articles helped me eliminate some of the Chinese competition pretty quickly. For me, the grade of battery cells, quality of the build, and customer support were highest on my list. A few of the better known brands have their followings and any could have been great choices. Lithium Rhino doesn't have the same following, yet, but their specs and warranty offering are among the best available. What sold me though, was the almost immediate email response from Founder and CEO, Michael McDonald. He responded within 30 minutes of my submitting a question to the web page and suggested a call to answer my concerns and questions directly.

Decision made and the personal attention did not stop at the sale. The packaging was exceptional and honestly, kind of cool. I received prompt responses from the support team during the install page and Michael once again urged that I text and call with him as frequently as I needed to. I am generally pretty handy and the install took me a couple of hours with a little video assistance. No issues from the very first key turn and after two weeks of golf, I am seeing a smoother ride (weight), better braking, improved hill ascent and acceleration, and most importantly I was able to make three 18 hole rounds without a charge.

Mr. McDonald has continued to follow up and inquire about performance, concerns and questions, even several weeks out from the install. The emphasis on customer support and quality really highlight what made Lithium Rhino stand out for me and why they should not be overlooked as a serious contender in the lithium conversion conversation.

Wayne Hanlon
Rhino 120

Easy install, great battery life and added speed. Best decision I made

Derek H.
Lithium Rhino 48v

I would recommend Lithium Rhino 1000 times over. Beyond excellent customer service and support. Stayed in touch throughout the whole process. From the time I ordered until I finished the install. Never worried about anything. 48v to 12v converter failed and I had a new one in 3 days! NO CHARGE! Cart runs amazing and never trips the BMS. High quality at an affordable price. If you’re looking to convert talk to Michael…THE OWNER! Cant ask for anything more than that! I feel like I made a friend for life.

Ditch the AGM’s

My 1 year old cart came with AGM batteries that started having difficulty powering through 18 holes of golf. My dealer took the cart in and found 2 of the 6 8v batteries were bad. They were replaced and the cart performed better but still barely made it through 18 holes and back home. Knowing the remaining AGM’s would likely fail soon I decided to move into lithium power sooner rather than later in order to end the frustration now.

I’m so glad I did! 18 holes now only uses 20% of the 105ah lithium battery and it delivers more power while doing so. I installed the system myself, Michael answered one technical question I had and a couple hours later the battery was in.

Love it!