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Happy I’ve joined the Lithium Rhino family.

While researching lithium batteries for my golf cart I was told to check out a company called Lithium Rhino. While doing so I realized this seemed like the company for me. Reached out with basic questions and concerns I had about lithium batteries in general. My questions were not only answered but I was treated with respect and never made to feel foolish for asking said questions. My cart is lifted and I live in a mountainous area so I needed to know this product would not only perform but exceed my wants/needs. I can say with 100% confidence Lithium Rhino has done exactly that. The installation was straightforward and easy. I highly recommend them to anyone in the market.
A very satisfied customer. Chris.

Rhino 105 ah

Great product, I have two golf carts and put the 105ah in one cart and on my custom cart the battery compartment was to small so I put two 50ah in it and it works great, same speed as before but much faster acceleration and power on hills. Great support and personal help from the CEO Michael. He will help anyway he can. I’m very pleased with both batteries so far and they have great warranty’s ! So much lighter and cleaner than lead acid batteries and not any more expensive than some of the lead acid’s out there and hopefully these will last 2-3 times as long !!

Satisfied Customer

Very happy with the Rhino 48v lithium battery. After playing 18 holes I always have between 77% and 80% power. One time I played 27 holes and had 71% remaining. Very satisfied. Customer service was great when I bought it too.

120ah 48volt

This company and battery are awesome. I have done a ton of research and investigations on a bunch of companies. Spoke to the owner of this company and absolutely love this service and the product. I have used it in my club car. I’m a seasonal had a very hilly campground. This battery is amazing.

Best customer service

Install a new Rhno 48v lithium battery in my Icon I60L. I texted a question regarding installation and within minutes I received an answer.
I highly recommend Rhino

Great Battery!

EZGO RXV runs great now. Lot's of power and lasts forever! A bit tricky on the install, but took about 4 hours for the EZGO with some trial and error on the wiring.


Looking forward to receiving the shipment so I can give a review

Successful Icon Conversion

I have owned a 2022 Icon i20 since new and starting my third year, the lead acid batteries were failing and I was struggling to get a full round of golf out of a charge. I started to research lithium conversions, I joined a number of Facebook groups and asked countless questions of both vendors and manufacturers. I typically over research but I am always confident in my final decisions.

There was no doubt that the Lithium conversion was going to be the way to go, but which brand? A few technical articles helped me eliminate some of the Chinese competition pretty quickly. For me, the grade of battery cells, quality of the build, and customer support were highest on my list. A few of the better known brands have their followings and any could have been great choices. Lithium Rhino doesn't have the same following, yet, but their specs and warranty offering are among the best available. What sold me though, was the almost immediate email response from Founder and CEO, Michael McDonald. He responded within 30 minutes of my submitting a question to the web page and suggested a call to answer my concerns and questions directly.

Decision made and the personal attention did not stop at the sale. The packaging was exceptional and honestly, kind of cool. I received prompt responses from the support team during the install page and Michael once again urged that I text and call with him as frequently as I needed to. I am generally pretty handy and the install took me a couple of hours with a little video assistance. No issues from the very first key turn and after two weeks of golf, I am seeing a smoother ride (weight), better braking, improved hill ascent and acceleration, and most importantly I was able to make three 18 hole rounds without a charge.

Mr. McDonald has continued to follow up and inquire about performance, concerns and questions, even several weeks out from the install. The emphasis on customer support and quality really highlight what made Lithium Rhino stand out for me and why they should not be overlooked as a serious contender in the lithium conversion conversation.

Rhino 120

Easy install, great battery life and added speed. Best decision I made

Lithium Rhino 48v

I would recommend Lithium Rhino 1000 times over. Beyond excellent customer service and support. Stayed in touch throughout the whole process. From the time I ordered until I finished the install. Never worried about anything. 48v to 12v converter failed and I had a new one in 3 days! NO CHARGE! Cart runs amazing and never trips the BMS. High quality at an affordable price. If you’re looking to convert talk to Michael…THE OWNER! Cant ask for anything more than that! I feel like I made a friend for life.

Great battery

Great experience overall with buying, receiving,installing and performance. Only negative was was not getting a confirmation of registration of the battery.

Above and beyond service

These guys have an awesome product customer service was awesome with the shipping installation videos and you get a personal installation engineer calling you during the installation and the installation was EASY! Great price and great quality! Will be ordering another one soon! thanks Michael you guys are amazing

Lithium rhino

105 ah Fast and easy install Michael answered any questions quickly with easy fix. Thanks. Top speed went from 25 to 30. Faster acceleration and duration

Ditch the AGM’s

My 1 year old cart came with AGM batteries that started having difficulty powering through 18 holes of golf. My dealer took the cart in and found 2 of the 6 8v batteries were bad. They were replaced and the cart performed better but still barely made it through 18 holes and back home. Knowing the remaining AGM’s would likely fail soon I decided to move into lithium power sooner rather than later in order to end the frustration now.

I’m so glad I did! 18 holes now only uses 20% of the 105ah lithium battery and it delivers more power while doing so. I installed the system myself, Michael answered one technical question I had and a couple hours later the battery was in.

Love it!

Top Notch. Blow Everyone away with the 76.8! :)

Top Notch. Blow Everyone away with the 76.8! :)
Received my 76.8V Battery safe and sound. Packaging is fantastic and everything is included to install this battery with ease. My Navitas 4KW 600A smokes the tires now. LOL. Lithium Rhino is a great company to work with as well. This thing is an absolute beast!

Lithium Rhino is the way to go!!!

Could not be more pleased with our new Rhino!! The kit comes with everything you need to install and the installation process could not be easier! Our Yamaha cart is lighter and faster and we get days worth of charge. Saying goodbye to lead acid batteries is a no-brainer with Lithium Rhino. Michael and his team are a pleasure to deal with!

Great conversion for my golf cart.

This was a great choice for my golf cart conversion. Everything was easy to convert and also had great customer service! Highly recommend!

Everything they said it would be

Just installed the 105ah lithium rhino battery a few weeks ago. Was on the fence about replacing my cart. Decided to save the money and go with the Lithoum Rhino battery. Performance and ease of installation was exactly as advertised. Looking forward to many maintenance free years from this battery.

Great product with amazing customer service

The Lithium Rhino 48v 105ah kit was very easy to install. Package came with everything needed, including a battery strap for easily removing the old lead acid batteries. Increased power and driving distance. Massive weight reduction. Very informative LCD screen to monitor the battery. The bluetooth app allows you to lock the battery to prevent theft which is really cool. The best thing of all is, NO MORE FILLING BATTERIES WITH WATER! Shipping was fast and customer service was a pleaser to deal with! Very satisfied with the entire experience!

Excellent Battery

I installed the 105 Ah battery in my ez go cart by myself although it would be easier with an extra person as the batteries are quite heavy. The video and tips from Mike and his crew are very helpful and made installation relatively easy.
I played 27 holes of golf yesterday and still had 80% battery left. Quite impressive.
My old lead acid batteries weighed about 240 pounds compared to 85 for the lithium rhino.
No more corrosion or adding water.
The cart is much more responsive and faster with the new battery.
Very satisfied with the Lithium Rhino battery and would highly recommend them if you plan to upgrade.

Upgrade to 2014 EZGO RXV

I am in my 70s and never have owned a golf cart. My only knowledge was using while playing golf. On a whim we purchased a non running 2014 RXV at auction. The four 12 volt batteries were dry. I researched several lithium upgrades and found Rhino the most affordable and supportive. The shipment was easy to pick up at Central Transfer in Phoenix and was as advertised. I did the complete installation myself with help with removing the old batteries and lifting the new battery in place. The YouTube video was very helpful but I was really impressed with Michael’s prompt response to my many texts and his personal call to make sure all was well. The entire experience was great and the old cart is zipping along. As others have said, the app is really convenient as well.

Love Our Rhino!!

We love our new Lithium Rhino Battery. We chose the 105ah to replace our lead batteries that were only two years old and quickly losing charge. With our new rhino battery we are driving our golf cart further than we thought possible and love the peace of mind knowing we have enough charge to ride wherever we want and get back home. Install was simple, about 2 hours of work. We look forward to many years of performance out of this battery and plan to purchase another for our other golf cart soon!

The 3 Musketeers

2 of my friends and I decided that our old lead acid batteries were dead and had to be replaced. We decided to go with Lithium Rhino batteries after learning about them online. We ordered the batteries and picked them up at the companies Charlotte Warehouse. Neither of us are experienced at installing batteries, we called the tech support person, he answered all our questions. Installation was easy, everything we needed was supplied in the kit. Wow we were all pleasantly surprised at how well our cars performed. We all live in the mountains and going up hills all the time, there was almost no loss of speed. We would highly recommend Lithium Rhino for their quality product, exceptional service, and their outstanding warranty.
Tim Sexton

Experience Power & Quality built to LAST!

After a few months of using my Lithium Rhino battery, I'm thoroughly impressed. The quality is top-notch, and switching to this battery has noticeably improved my cart's responsiveness. Also the reduced weight is a huge bonus.

As for durability, this battery is rock-solid. It's clearly engineered for long-lasting performance, offering peace of mind every time I use it. And when it comes to customer service, the owner and tech team are actively involved, ensuring that every customer receives exceptional support from the moment of purchase through to post-sales assistance.

Overall, I can't recommend Lithium Rhino enough to my friends and family. It's not just a battery; it's been a game-changer in terms of performance, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Amazing product! So happy we made the switch!

Our family has nothing but positive things to say about making the change to the Lithium Rhino battery. From start to finish, our experience was great! We live in a very active community and it brings peace of mind knowing our golf cart won’t die in the middle of an activity with our young kids on board. We installed our battery into our EZ GO and the tech support the company offers helped tremendously. We love having the electronic gauge and access to the app should we need to monitor our battery level. This is a much welcomed change from the gauge we had before. Immediately, our cart’s performance was notably better - the power and acceleration were significantly improved and the time to charge was a fraction of what we had to do before the change to the Lithium Rhino. We loved the new battery so much we recommended it to my husband’s parents and they just had their new battery installed last week. We would recommend making this investment!