Through research of cleaner, more sutatinable energy sources, donations towards philanthropies, and spreading awareness of global environmental issues that plague our planet-- we can make a difference.

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Meet our adopted baby Rhino, Rocky! By partnering with strategic philanthropy organizations such as the INTERNATIONAL RHINO FOUNDATION, baby Rhino's like this one orphaned by poachers can be adopted and returned to the wild.


Our purpose drives our mission, and our factory leads by example to exemplify this goal--reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint through solar energy storage and utilization systems to drive our commitment towards a an environmentally safer tomorrow.


  • Cold-rolled Steel housing, inner-core shock absorption system, and world-class precision welding machines are just a few of the many reasons our battery outlasts all the others-- for less turnover, and less environmental impact.
  • 99% Recyclable with no harmful earth metals and the highest dedication to quality control ensures safety to our customers and our environment.
  • 6000+ life cycles and 12 year long life expectancy removes 20 or more lead-acid batteries from ever entering the marketplace!


As our customer you are the main driver of our efforts, with a direct portion of each sale going to our environmental causes. Together we can spread awareness and directly make an impact for a better tomorrow.

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Your Voice & Support Propels Our Vision


Your feedback and suggestions are an integral part of our creative progress. Future products, design improvements and our direction as a brand are inspired by you--our customer.


Through efforts of our own research initiatives combined with that of our partners, we strive for the collaborative creation of better and more viably sustainable energy solutions--working together for a common cause.


Committed to our environment --we are proud to donate a portion of each sale towards a slect charity chosen by you at checkout. Together we CAN make a difference!


When you choose Lithium Rhino not only will you get the best battery and best support on the market you are also supporting our causes and environmental efforts.

Environmental Impact

We walk the walk committed to the environment with our 99% recyclable battery, while also making resources available on safe options when removing and disposing of your current lead-acid batteries.


We set out to create the longest lasting battery and at 12 year life expectancy one Rhino can eliminate the need for 20 or more harmful lead-acid batteries from ever entering the marketplace.


We utilize solar and clean energy initiatives when manufacturing your Rhino battery and will continue to elevate our own standards and continue research to reduce our carbon footprint.

Please recycle your lead-acid batteries after removal

Lead-acid batteries are extremely toxic and contain very hazardous materials inside. Please dispose of them properly.

Many stores that sell new lead-acid batteries will accept your old battery.

Most national auto-parts stores accept these batteries, but here is a helpful link to locate a lead-acid drop off location near you.

A man smelts lead that has been "informally" recycled from batteries in Pesarean, Indonesia. COURTESY OF PURE EARTH


In this article published by the Yale School of the Environment (Yale 360) you can become more aware of the harmful, sometimes fatal effects caused by improper disposal of lead-acid batteries, and help share the knowledge of this global health hazard.